LRP recommends Two Camera Shoots!

In case you are tempted to spring for a 2 camera full show edit for your next event, take a look at this video LRP recently made of Christy Funsch Dance Experience's show "Le Grande Spectacle de l'effort et de l'artifice" at ODC. Angles, close ups, wide view, intimate, and yet captures all the action! The works!!

Choreography and Direction: Christy Funsch, Daniel Nagrin
Collaborative Performers: Arletta Anderson, Christy Funsch, Chinchin Hsu, Courtney Moreno, Karla Quintero, Nol Simonse, with Yvette Niccols and Desiree Rogers
Music: Daniel Steffey, Ryan Ross Smith, Ryan Page, Nick Wang, Arvo Part
Lighting and Visual Design: Delayne Medoff
Costumes: Christy Funsch
Cameras: Jacob Marks & Rachel Marks