NOMAD: The Blue Road

We had the honor of documenting Dance Monks' NOMAD: The Blue Road, a site specific performance ritual journey that followed the path of Strawberry Creek in Berkeley, CA, which is now mostly underground. With renowned local and international artists, it was a beautiful response to California's current drought and water crisis as they invited the audience to walk in remembrance of our vital and absolutely necessary relationship to water - something we often forget.

Take a look into this journey!

Collaborating Artists: DANCE MONKS (Rodrigo Esteva, Sebastian Esteva & Mirah Moriarty), NAKA Dance Theater (Jose Navarrete, Debby Kajiyama and Kevin O’Connor), PURI Project (Dohee Lee & Adria Otte), Jennifer Curtis and Pauchi Sasaki.

International Guest Dancers: Cristina Lopez, Veronica Santiago, and Manuel Fajardo

Community Performers: Marielle Amrhein, Wei-Shan Lai, Christine Beggs, Sophie Stanley, Erica Weems, Utam Moses, Ruth Kaplan, Kiplinn Sagmiller, Victoria Ayres, Todd Brown and Melanie Cutchon.

Musicians: Dohee Lee, Pauchi Sasaki, Jennifer Curtis and Adria Otte.