Site-Specific Dance in the City

Though many of LRRP's clients produce shows in the traditional theater setting, many also make dances at other sites and often in public spaces, requiring a special approach to documentation.  These are some of my favorite shoots where the camera person has to be equally aware of the interrelated characterstics of the piece - its site, the performer's relationship to the site and the people in the site, the larger context of the location and time of day, how the viewer is directed (or not directed) to watch, along with the performance and presence of the bodies themselves. In honor of Epiphany Production's upcoming San Francisco Trolley Dances, I want to feature ODC Dance's Transit, choreography by KT Nelson, adapted for the 2011 "trolley tour."  This 10min. adapted version was just one stop (in front of SF's main library) along a full tour around town along public transit routes.  KT wanted to especially capture the different people walking through the dance as they entered or exited during the performance, and I think these moments flowed beautifully with the dance itself. (also the bike designs are pretty cool!)