ODC/Dance highlights

In 2014, the LRP team captured ODC/Dance and collaborators' creation of a piece called Speaking Volumes, a site-specific dance on Alcatraz Island, as part of the Ai Weiwei exhibit @Large. Loren also captured and edited highlight videos for ODC's Invention of Wings and Dead Reckoning during their 2015 home season, Dance Downtown, at YBCA.

Watch and be reminded of this stalwart company's capacity for exquisite production and the dancers' ability to evoke humanity from the simplest to most full bodied movement!

Speaking Volumes (Alcatraz Island, part of Ai Weiwei exhibit - 2014):

Conceived and directed by Brenda Way in collaboration with KT Nelson, Kimi Okada, and RJ Muna.

Invention of Wings (Dance Downtown 2015):

Director: Brenda Way

Choreographers: Brenda Way & KT Nelson

Sound Score: Olafur Arnalds, Ben Frost, Ben Juodvalkis

Visuals: Ian Winters, RJ Muna

Light + Scenic Design: Matthew Antaky

Dead Reckoning (Dance Downtown 2015):

Choreography: KT Nelson

Commissioned Score + Cellist: Joan Jeanrenaud

Percussion: PC Munoz

Light + Scenic Design: Matthew Antaky

Costume Design + Production: Liz Brent