LRP had the privilege of working with artist and director Krista DeNio to produce a short film about her project EchoTheaterSuitcase (formerly the CONTACT project) which brings together mixed ensembles of veterans of war and military service with non-veteran civilians in various communities/cities, to co-create audience-interactive performance installations.

This film captures what the project is about and the positive impact it has had on veterans and non-veterans involved in the project alike. As Krista herself says at the end of the film,

"rather than being passive as we often are in feeling like the war is over there [somewhere else] - the military is not part of us (if we're not participating in it directly) - that actually we DO have a responsibility, we ARE directly involved. And what IS our responsibility in the process in healing our society?"

Very powerful and important work - please have a look and share!

DeNio and her collaborators are continuing to refine the project working model, with contributions from each community/ensemble. They will continue serving multiple communities, nationally. For more information:

Venue and Event Production Credits:

Canal Gallery, Holyoke Massachusets

CounterPulse as part of the ARC Program

Deirdre Visser / Arts @ CIIS

Department of Theater and Dance, UC Davis

Smuin: Shoe Vitality!

Shoes are a vital part of the dancers' experience at Smuin Ballet. Not only do they provide support, but each type of shoe helps the dancer step into her character; you could say it has transformative powers. And believe it or not, a performer might wear 10 different pairs in one ballet! So each year the company raises funds for this essential part of work. If you'd like to help them put their best foot forward watch this video we directed and contribute to their campaign!


camera: Jenny Chu

performance footage: Rapt Productions

music by: Ben Beiny

No Dominion: The Ian Horvath Story

Loren had the pleasure to work with her beloved colleague Nel Shelby on a new film about the celebrated dancer, AIDS activist and arts advocate Ian Horvath. Check out this trailer she edited! To contribute to the fundraising campaign to fully produce this inspiring documentary, click here.

Cinematographers: Nel Shelby, Loren Robertson, Christopher Duggan

Summer with Alonzo King LINES Ballet

We're excited about this promo video we crafted for the Alonzo King LINES Ballet summer program. This top notch training program not only offers students the opportunity to study and perform with master teachers and choreographers, but it also asks the pupil to explore oneself, body, mind, and spirit and honors every person's unique individuality. Watch these young dancers meet themselves, then take off and fly.

Videography: Jenny Chu

Summer Program performance footage courtesy of Andy Mogg/Dancing Images

Music by SilverHoof; Mozart played by Gianluca Luisi; Roman Razuvaev

The Yoga of Sound

In Vak Song of Becoming, Ann Dyer employs mantra to cultivate performative, sonic, and embodied healing. With a handful of professional singers and a lion's share of amateurs, they plumb the depths of the ancient use of song to connect to one another and to humanity. Happy to finally be sharing this one and the simple power of our voices!

Conceived, written, directed by Anne Dyer

Co-composed by Anne Dyer and Tim Volpicella

Choreography: Erika Shuch

Camera: Eric Koziol & Nicole Fuentes

Skywatchers: Community building with ABD Productions

Skywatchers is a community arts program conceived and directed by choreographer Anne Bluethenthal of ABD Productions, in which artist facilitators and Tenderloin residents co-create performance while discussing world events, forging relationships, and celebrating life. We are so grateful to have documented the Skywatchers events since its inception in 2011 and to produce this short documentary. Check it out, and get yourself on their contact list to be a part of this community!

Dance for Every Child!

Longtime friend and colleague Nel Shelby of Nel Shelby Productions directed this new documentary: PS Dance, with Loren editing. It explores the holistic benefits of dance in the public school system, and it is bound to inspire, whether you are a dancer, educator, parent, or fellow human. Check it out on NYC's PBS Channel THIRTEEN and watch it streaming!

Produced and Directed by Nel Shelby

Photo credit: Christopher Duggan

Host: Paula Zahn

Consultant: Joan Finkelstein

Music Composition: Bob Novak & Gabriel Ruiz-Bernal

Funding: The Arnhold Foundation

SAID SHE - Yolande Snaith

We've had the privilege of working with long-time University of California, San Diego dance professor Yolande Snaith over the past several years, in particular following the creation of her solo dance theatre work One Hundred Feet, a piece she made as she turned 50 years old.

LRP was commissioned to produce a short film about Yolande and the making of the work - a portrait of sorts. It's a beautiful ode to an accomplished choreographer/performer and holds the sentiments of all aging artists.

Worth a watch!

Choreography and Performance design: Yolande Snaith

Video Projection design: Natalia Valerdi

Lighting design: Wen-Ling Liao

Sound design: Nick Drashner

Push Dance Company and the Shipyard Project

Captured some of PUSH Dance and their collaboration with the 3rd Street Youth Center to continue exposing and unpacking environmental and health issues for Hunters Bay Point and its Naval Shipyard - specifically from the perspective of it's youth. This is important for all San Franciscans to know about and listen to!

Check out the short documentary "Leftover from the Last":

And we're excited to capture their upcoming performance of Point Shipyard Project this coming weekend at the Museum of African Diaspora - MORE INFO HERE

Watershed Management Group!

Ever feel depressed about the state of the world?  Watershed Management Group makes me feel a little better and way more empowered and inspired as a human! See what they do below!! I worked with the organization to make a promotional film that captured the heart of their work and approach to really big and seemingly impossible environmental/social/economic issues.  It was a challenge, as the scope of the organization's work is broad and packed with programming, but somehow we managed to portray their message in 4min and 30 seconds - perfect for supplementing the organization's online presence.

CounterPULSE through the years

I LOVE CounterPULSE!!!  This is a special spot in San Francisco.  It's where I landed when I arrived in 2007.  Having spent many hours there both as former staff, in various rehearsals and shows as a performer, and documenting many performances throughout the year, it's been such a home for me and I know for many Bay Area artists as well! We've collaborated on many videos, my favorite being the year-end films.  It's been amazing to watch how the organization has grown. Here's a peak into the land of CP 2009-2012!





can't wait for what's to come in 2013!!!